Creative Live courses

Click here to get a link to the class

These are three classes done for Creative Live. Please feel free to click on the links if you would want like to watch them.

As an interior designer you might want to cover Draw Like an Interior Designer, as I cover freehand techniques, ranging from rendering elevations and floor plans, working with one and two point perspectives, and of course, working with different media, markers, pencils, templates and papers.

In my second video Digital Rendering for Designers you will find three different sections. Do not brush it off just yet, as I cover techniques to render a car, som products and also interiors, using Photoshop and SketchBook Pro.
Click here to get a link to the class
Click here to get a link to the class
My third video Sketch like an Industrial Designer covers how to render objects such as a coffee maker, a car, and some furniture design. And you might be interested in some of those topics, especially if you would like to get better at rendering reflective and chromed surfaces.

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